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      Transform the consumer experience with ready-to-go solutions built to work with the tech you already have and pre-designed with the workflows you’re already using.

      Superior Member Experience

      Boost self-service, improve member satisfaction scores, and drive better outcomes with revolutionary digital engagement software for your members - and your operations.

      Comprehensive Sales Experience

      Grow membership, increase retention, and optimize sales operations with integrated, end-to-end sales and renewal automation for your brokers, employers, and members.

      Collaborative Provider Experience

      Bridge the gap between providers, payers, and members at the point of care, powering true collaboration and making an impact on member health outcomes.

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      Discover more about Zipari - who we are, why we’re here, and how to join us.

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      Learn how our solutions solve market-specific challenges with targeted technology built exclusively for health insurance.

      Individual & Family

      Attract and onboard members, personalize omnichannel outreach, boost self-service, and get members taking actions that support better health outcomes.

      Commercial Group

      Facilitate broker and employer group administration, seamlessly onboard and renew members, increase member self service, and retain high value groups.


      Holistically track and analyze member engagement, streamline call center operations, stay ahead of regulatory changes and competition, and boost member actions directly related to CAHPS, HEDIS, and Star quality ratings.


      Track and analyze consumer data, transform call center operations, stay ahead of regulatory changes and competition, and improve outcomes, satisfaction, and self-service engagement.

      Third Party Administrators

      Refine operational efficiencies, stay ahead of the competition, grow and retain membership, and provide concierge digital engagement services.

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Bringing Together the Best of Engagement and CX for Payers & TPAs

We are Zipari, a pioneer in digital CX for healthcare helping payers and TPAs achieve breakthrough digital experiences for every consumer they serve. Zipari is the first and only CX Platform built specifically for health insurance. In 2020, Healthx, a highly respected digital engagement leader, joined our family with a renewed focus on serving our clients with excellence and bringing modern CX technology to payers of all sizes.

Together, we are using technology to solve the challenges that payers and TPAs deal with every day: acquiring and retaining members, gaining operational efficiencies, boosting consumer engagement, and improving outcomes.

Bigger, Better, Bolder CX

At Zipari, we create sophisticated products to achieve a simple goal, make health insurance better for everyone. We build targeted solutions to create breakthrough digital consumer experiences that drive value, outcomes, and satisfaction.

looking for individual or family plans
  • Healthcare Expertise

    Our unique approach to solving CX is informed by the decades of experience in health insurance and healthcare tech our team represents and our partnerships with 200 clients. We go beyond traditional engagement strategies and basic CRM technologies to create consumer experience solutions that break through barriers and capitalize on existing technology investments.

  • Vertical Exclusivity

    Zipari is the first and only CX platform built exclusively for health insurance. With an API-first strategy, our platform delivers a product suite of end-to-end CX solutions that enable the realization of value quickly and provide a solid path for scaling over time. We aren’t consumed or distracted by other industries because health insurance is our only focus. And our team of health insurance CX experts applies that laser focus to ensuring the success and satisfaction of each and every Zipari client. 

  • Built-in Value

    Our cutting-edge, omnichannel solutions are purpose-driven and designed to work for clients on day one. The most common payer workflows are built-in, including managing “next best action” recommendations based on pre-designed goal packaging, and intuitive digital experience that drives action. Powered by the Zipari CX Engine and CX Engagement Hub, we give clients unparalleled insights at every engagement touchpoint.

  • Speed and Agility

    We enable clients to tackle the entire experience at once, delivering multiple products simultaneously with a rapid implementation cycle that is designed to maximize value quickly. Our clients are not bogged down with multi-year implementation cycles and complex, costly integrations. This means transforming consumer experiences in months, not years, with measurable and meaningful ROI.

Platform Powered

Zipari’s Shopping Portal is powered by our revolutionary CX Platform, the foundational technology suite that ties everything together, enabling flexible scaling, easy configuration, and ensuring a consistent experience across the board.

Zipari CX Engine
Leverage a normalized data exchange for all health insurance data feeds and capture consumer behavior data from any third-party system to bolster customer profiles.

Zipari CX Capture
Use predictive analytics to leverage member value, member sentiment, and clinical personas and determine personalized next-best-actions for each consumer.

Zipari CX Profile
Provide tailored next-best-actions based on real-time consumer engagement.

API Gateway
Access a pre-built library of ready-to-go workflows for members, providers, and brokers, with industry connectors that seamlessly integrate with payer and partner systems.

Highly Secure & Compliant
Rest easy knowing the platform delivers a highly secure and compliant environment for all products and solutions

Maximize Your CRM Investments
Run on your existing CRM technology to capitalize on existing investments and get the most value from dollars you’ve already spent

Explore the Platform

Explore the Platform

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The Power to Do More

Every Zipari product and solution runs on our revolutionary CX platform,  giving you economies of scale to address needs across market segments and consumers with the same intelligently-designed portfolio of cutting edge technology.

Designed to be API-first and omni-channel, Zipari’s CX Platform rapidly deploys to scale without complex customization. The CX Platform delivers unparalleled consumer insights through flexible, unified solutions that run on existing CRM technology and multiply the value of existing investments – from day one.

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Broker Portal & Shopping

Help brokers sell and upsell your plans quickly across business lines with this easy-to-use portal that delivers total out-of-pocket decision support and the health insurance industry’s most intuitive online shopping experience.

Learn more about the Broker Portal
Learn more about the Shopping Portal

The Broker Portal and Shopping Portal are part of the
Comprehensive Sales Experience solution.

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CX 360

Deliver efficient and personalized service experiences with real-time visibility into consumer interactions across comprehensive profiles and unparalleled, actionable insights with this centralized data system.

Learn more

CX 360 is included in the following solutions:
Superior Member Experience
Comprehensive Sales Experience
Collaborative Provider Experience

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CX Engagement Hub

Unify the member experience and proactively prioritize, sequence, and deliver personalized next-best-actions across the best channels with this consumer engagement hub built for health insurance.

Learn more

CX Engagement Hub is included in the following solutions:
Superior Member Experience
Comprehensive Sales Experience
Collaborative Provider Experience

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Employer Portal

Simplify eligibility, enrollment and renewals, and benefit administration, drive self-service, and inform future plan design with this branded web-based portal.

Learn more

CX 360 is included in the Comprehensive Sales Experience solution

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Member Portal & Mobile App

Drive self-service, increase engagement, and improve satisfaction and retention anytime, anywhere with the health insurance industry’s most user-friendly web-based member-facing portal and mobile app. 

Learn more about the Member Portal
Learn more about the Mobile App

Member Portal & Mobile App are included in the
Superior Member Experience solution.

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Provider Portal & Provider Search

Increase payer-provider collaboration and streamline back-office operations with this user-friendly web-based portal and search tools.

Learn more

Provider Portal is included in the
Collaborative Provider Experience solution.
Provider Search is included in the following solutions:
Superior Member Experience
Comprehensive Sales Experience
Collaborative Provider Experience

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Recommendation Assistant

Deliver next-best-action recommendations to your consumers automatically, across all touchpoints, with this tool that seamlessly integrates into your call center CRM technologies, portals, mobile apps, and chatbots with pre-built goals based on highest-value actions.

Learn more

Recommendation Assistant is included in the
Superior Member Experience solution.

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Sales Center

Manage the sales pipeline across all market segments with the health insurance industry’s first and only pre-configured acquisition and retention CRM technology.

Learn more

Sales Center is included in the
Comprehensive Sales Experience solution.

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Service Bot

Empower members, promote self-service, and drive down call center activity with this on-demand concierge chatbot.

Learn more

Service Bot is included in the following solutions:
Superior Member Experience
Comprehensive Sales Experience
Collaborative Provider Experience

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Service Center

Personalize customer experiences and empower service reps with comprehensive profiles,  recommended next-best-actions, and automated workflows with this out-of-the-box call center solution designed specifically to optimize health insurance call center operations.

Learn more

Service Center is included in the following solutions:
Superior Member Experience
Collaborative Provider Experience

Let's Break Through

We help payers and TPAs break away from ineffective engagement strategies and break out of one-size-fits-all CRM systems to create powerfully effective CX solutions exclusively for the health insurance industry.

Let’s break through together.